Is Trade School Meant for You?

Ever since we were young, we were always told to go to college so we could get good paying jobs and have a good future. We often aren’t told about other options available to us and that going to college is the only way to be successful in life. With college tuition prices going up higher and higher than home mortgage people of all walks of life are turning their backs on college and deciding to join trade schools instead. Trade schools are often much cheaper than college or university and they offer you hands on skills such as plumbing, carpentry, electrician and even nursing. Trade schools are available all across America including electrician trade school chicago il. With some trade school careers you can finish your education faster than you could with a traditional four year college. Not everyone is meant for college and not everyone is meant for learning the trades. Before deciding to attend a college or a trade school, ask yourself a couple of these questions.

Do you enjoy doing schoolwork? When you attend a university or college you often have to sit down and listen to lectures all day. While trade schools are more hands on and touchy-feely. If you enjoy having a more hands on approach to things and you don’t learn based off listening and researching on a computer alone than trade school might be best for you.

How Well Did You Do In High School?

Okay, we all heard of stories about kids who did poorly in high school then got amazing grades once they moved onto college but that doesn’t happen to everyone. If you hated high school and got poor grades, then most likely the same will happen in college. A whopping 30% percent of dropouts are people who either failed out of college or just hated their experience there.

What Do YOU Want As A Career?

Sit down and think to yourself, what do you want for a job? Not what your friends want, not what your parents want, not what your teachers want but what you as a individual want to have for a job. Often times people are pressured by society or their parents to choose careers or go into fields they don’t like. Depending on what you want to do, you may or may not need school for it. Example, if you want to a doctor you’ll definitely need college, but if you want to be a singer, writer, truck driver, or computer programmer you don’t necessary need a college degree for that. Here’s a list of more jobs that don’t require a degree.

How fast do you want to finish school? How long you stay in school varies from college and trade school. If you’d like to jump into the workforce as soon as possible and be fully certified than its best to go to a trade school but if you mind spending a few years in school than college is fine as well.